Northern Pine Co.




We are dedicated to designing products and graphics that illustrate the "Adventurist" lifestyle. Quality and Comfort are two main aspects that are very important to us. Northern Pine Co.'s apparel design and graphics featuring nature, wildlife, activities, and inspiration that reflects the company's passion for the great outdoors. We are committed to using only the most comfortable and highest quality materials while also having a positive influence on the planet. Our goal is to create clothing and merchandise that is appealing to wear and impossible to take off, something that expresses who you are and what you enjoy.


We say we love the outdoors but we will also prove it. With every purchase we will plant two trees through the National Forest Foundation. The environmental and economic impact the planted trees make is incredibly powerful. Through our continued effort, and your help, we can make a huge impact on restoring earth and providing nourishment for the people. Give the gift of trees.